Takeaway insurance – are delivery drivers covered?

Takeaway insurance is one of those types of policies that can, depending on the provider, be really expensive or too cheap.

The reason for this is that you can be faced with a commercial insurance company that wants to be a player and needs to have a policy for every type of customer. But, what they really want is the good, profitable business and takeaways can, at times, be very unprofitable.

So, you have some companies that simply price themselves out of the market. On the other hand, you will have others that either a charge a makrket, ball park, rate or they just come in with an exceptionally cheap quote.

Although we are still feeling the pinch of the worst recession in living memory, you should not scrimp and saving on your insurance. What happens if, as most takeaways do, you have delivery drivers?

They will have their own car insurance, unless you provide a fleet of vehicles. But, what about the damage they may cause at someones home during the delivery? Yes, it is unlikely, but if it does get to the stage of a claim, then this is because there has been serious damage. A spilled curry on a carpet is going to set you back hundreds, if not thousands of pounds.

The cheapest policies may either not provide you with this cover or they may have such a high excess, it is not worth having anyway. This is when you need to make a decision, do you need to save


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